A committed brand

When the Denis Marlon brand was born, it was had in mind from the beginning to bet on local development and fairer trade. Quite a while since, surprisingly, it is much more problematic than we think.

Denis Marlon’s pillar is standards in favor of sustainability. All its products are artisans and in this way it is located in the fair market. All workers have their working conditions, in other words, there is a social responsibility, within the law of the framework of the European Union.

In Spain, there are very good artisans to support us to carry out our line of products where, in addition, they allow us to use perfectly certified quality materials that provide our brand with added value.

Aware that mass production outside our borders is much cheaper, we lose control of the entire production process and, therefore, we contribute to keeping fashion one of the most polluting industries.

For this reason we always look for “our workshop and our craftsman“, who understands the project and our values.

Mission, vision and values

Our great challenge is to become a benchmark brand in the increasingly sustainable fashion sector. Carrying out the manufacture of products that is committed to sustainability, the circular economy, local development, tradition, crafts and that the rights of the people who carry out the manufacture are respected. It is a clear commitment to move away from mass manufacturing, external and without guarantees in the production processes.

With a very clear vision and it is none other than to market exclusive, unique fashion products with their own designs. Carrying a Denis Marlon product is a way of life, it is contributing to the environment, it is carrying long-lasting products over time and it is quality in its materials.

We adapt to changes, trends and consumers. We offer products that add value. It is looking for differentiation. It is to be transparent. It is having empathy with both the consumer and our artisans. It is being able to value all the work that is behind the manufacture by hand. It is listening.

Slow fashion

We are clear that we launch fashion products under the umbrella of slow fashion that is associated with a lifestyle that involves returning to the origin, to nature and to respect its rhythms.

It is a more sustainable fashion where the community, traceability and care for the planet are the protagonists. It is not a concept based on time, but on quality.

The future lies in the sale of higher quality products, respectful, with a durable design that is reusable and recyclable.

Slow fashion also values the process, cultural tradition, know-how, proximity, quality, transparency, the life cycle of the product and its reuse.

We are committed to small-scale production and traditional crafts, conceiving new relationships of trust between creators and consumers, which are only possible on a small and medium scale.

Looking for the origin


Looking for the origin



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