Marlon Sneakers

Wearing Marlon sneakers is the undisputed star of street style in terms of footwear. They are the sneakers that are taking to the streets of the main capitals and turning a classic into a must have that completely changes your look. Comfortable and versatile, these sports shoes can be combined with any type of garment, no matter how sophisticated, resulting in one success after another.

The brand, encompassed within Denis Marlon, is defined by originality and quality in materials, design and manufacture. They will conquer you.

His proposals have led to the fulfillment of his objective: to leave no one indifferent.

Looking at the Marlon catalog allows you to see how a special effort has been made to add variety to your collection. Proof of this are its special, exclusive and unrepeatable designs that you will not find in other brands.


Made in Spain Sneakers

If something characterizes Marlon, it is that they bear the Made In Spain seal. It has used the best footwear artisans in the country to manufacture all its models. In its clear commitment to local, artisanal and, above all, quality.

When you buy a model from the Marlon Sneakers brand, you know that you are making a responsible purchase, because by buying items made in Spain you contribute to supporting a company in the country. As a direct consequence, you energize the Spanish economy and collaborate in its recovery: protectionist awareness comes to the fore in an increasingly globalized era. It is time to support our own, which makes us different from the rest.

It also means a sustainable purchase. As it is a proximity article, you can have the peace of mind that you are helping to maintain jobs in the country. You also reduce the energy cost of transport covering distances of thousands of kilometers.

When you buy a Denis Marlon design, you will be sure that you have contributed your grain of sand to a society of which you are a part.


sneakers revolution

One of the most interesting aspects that these sneakers offer is that they are very versatile. Sports shoes have long forgotten their exclusive use for exercise and have become an indispensable piece in the world of fashion, reaching even more formal settings.

You can wear these sneakers both to go to the office and to go to a social engagement, it all depends on how you combine them. We are sure that they will become your inseparable companions, since they are perfect for many occasions and support different styles.

All the brand’s products have been handcrafted in Spain one by one, using the best raw materials and taking care of even the smallest detail in each of the steps of the creation process. The result? Quality articles, which focus on the most current trends and bet on design and innovation, but without neglecting tradition.

Looking for the origin


Looking for the origin



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