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Denis Marlon’s name arises from the union of the surnames of its founder, Martin and Navalón, plus another family surname, Denis.

Almudena decided to launch herself into design because she always had a great fondness for fashion, music and art. So much so that she generated concerns from an early age that always helped her grow personally and professionally.

A journalist by profession, at the beginning she worked as a model in well-known firms and dreamed of creating a brand, with values ​​and characteristic design.

One summer in the Algarve, shortly after her daughter was born, looking at stalls of artisan shoes, a friend of hers was the one who, knowing of Almu’s taste for design, encouraged him to design his own shoes. An idea without more, but that little by little was taking more and more shape.

Undertaking has not been an easy task, since Denis Marlon is built from scratch. Finding manufacturers according to certain sustainability values ​​has been even more difficult. But with the collaboration and help of the professionals who accompany us, everything makes sense.

Denis Marlon’s goal is to differentiate himself from the rest, by making Made in Spain fashion, more sustainable and ecological than usual and crafted in a traditional way, but without neglecting the latest trends. Betting on a different way of understanding fashion, for fair trade, where all associated workers work in optimal conditions, meeting quality standards.

All without leaving the European Union. And sometimes it is not easy to understand, since nowadays fashion goes much faster and it is difficult to position oneself with a great competitive offer around it, but we trust.

Who bets on our brand, bets on fashion and our values.

We invite you to continue discovering DENIS MARLON who will go beyond sneakers. We want to make you participate as a great family, do you dare to be part of it?


Denis Marlon Jewels

Denis Marlon launches his new jewelry line. Line of jewelry products in 925 sterling silver with silver finishes and 18 carat gold plated with a thickness of 1.5 microns.

It is a new line of products, with an exclusive design. All the pieces have been designed and manufactured in Spain (Córdoba) one by one, by hand and from scratch. Therefore, they are exclusive and distinctive products of the brand. Following the line that MARLON SNEAKERS already had.

Designed and devised by Almudena Navalón and developed by a master jeweler following all established quality standards and scrupulously complying with current Spanish law on jewelry manufacturing and chemical processes.



Marlon shoes are committed to fashion Made in Spain, under the sustainable and ecological effect.

There is a wide variety of slippers for both men and women. Tones such as black or white stand out, as does the double sole that is very present in women’s silhouettes.

His designs do not leave anyone indifferent. You just need to combine them with imagination and you will be able to show that essence that characterizes you.

Marlon sneakers take maximum care of all the details. They mix trend, quality and tradition, which makes them irresistible.



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