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Denis Marlon (@denismarlon_group) launches ORIGIN, his new jewelry line. DM, is a brand dedicated to fashion and accessories. The MARLON brand (@marlon_sneakers) was part of DM with its line of urban sneakers. MARLON was born in November 2019.

It begins its journey with the launch of its first line of jewelry products in 925 sterling silver with silver finishes and 18 carat gold plated with a thickness of 1.5 microns.

ORIGIN Collection

It is a new line of products, with an exclusive design. All the pieces have been designed and manufactured in Spain (Córdoba) one by one, by hand and from scratch, without resorting to pre-manufactured molds. Therefore, they are exclusive and distinctive products of the brand, which no other jewelry brand has on the market. Following the line that MARLON SNEAKERS already had, which also differs by being exclusive Made in Spain shoe models, limited editions and made piece by piece, with all the care that this requires.

Keep in mind that they are gold-plated and not plated products. The main difference lies in the fact that the bath is a film that covers the piece and does not add thickness, quite the opposite of the plating, which does add thickness to the piece. This helps the piece to be more durable over time since the film that is formed is thicker and stronger. Avoiding any type of allergy as they are noble materials.


Designed and devised by Almudena Navalón (@almunavalon) and developed by a master jeweler following all established quality standards and scrupulously complying with current Spanish law on jewelry manufacturing and chemical processes.

The stones used in the pieces are of zirconia quality and are set so that the hold is more resistant and durable.

The brand was born with the commitment to carry out the manufacture of products with the Spanish seal. Firmly betting on a more sustainable, ecological manufacturing, favoring our economy and the circular economy.

The ORIGIN collection, lives up to its name and is due to the fact that it has wanted to represent the origin of precious metals, the photos are taken in the Riotinto Mines, national mines, currently active, from where gold and silver are extracted among other things. and which claim to be one of the largest in the world. Putting in value the hard work and effort that jewels require, starting from their obtaining in the mines until they reach the hands of jewelers.

Putting value in guaranteeing the rights of workers who carry out the production of their products and where CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are reduced as much as possible.


Another added value to our pieces is the acquisition of raw materials from companies that are committed to obtaining silver in a sustainable and responsible way with the environment and more importantly with people. Our supplier is a member of the Responsible Jewelery Council that certifies all of the above. All its packaging is recycled and ecological.

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