DENIS MARLON is responsible for the problems that may be caused in your jewelry, as long as they are due to the failure in the workmanship and not due to the misuse of it.

Denis Marlon’s jewelry products are his own designs that you will not be able to purchase in other stores. The pieces are made of 925 thousandths sterling silver in compliance with ROYAL DECREE 197/1988, of February 22, which regulates all jewelry manufacturing in Spain. In addition, the pieces are either finished in their color or gold plated. Differentiate that it is plated and not gold plated so that the duration of this is much higher. The difference lies in the manufacturing process, since plating is a flash of gold that gives color but not thickness and gold plating does give that thickness which we call microns, so the film that is formed is thicker. and resistant.

All the pieces follow an artisan manufacturing process, each one finished by hand, giving the piece the desired finish. Each of the pieces is cared for in detail.

The stones used are all in zirconia quality and are set, so their hold is very resistant and durable.

The acquisition of raw materials is made to companies that are committed to obtaining silver in a sustainable and responsible way with the environment and much more important with people. Our supplier is a member of the Responsible Jewelery Council that certifies it.

The manufacturing process is carried out entirely in Spain following an exhaustive quality control and ensuring that the pieces comply with all the standards established for the manufacture of jewelry as well as the quality of all materials and finishes. In addition, during the manufacturing process, our pieces are subjected to different controls that make the quality of the materials checked, thus achieving high-quality pieces.

Denis Marlon offers guarantees on all his pieces. Any problem that may arise in the correct use of our jewelry will be solved by the manufacturer.

The gold plating of the parts has a one-year guarantee as long as the problem is caused by manufacturing fault and not by misuse. It must be taken into account that many products that we use in our daily lives (creams, perfumes, deodorants … cleaning products such as bleaches, ammonia …) can damage the plating of the pieces. Also, be careful with sea water or in the shower, since we use products that could damage the plating of the piece causing the piece not to look like it was at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is recommended not to use it on the beach and avoid showering with the pieces. In addition, we recommend not using the parts while carrying out cleaning tasks with chemicals. Finally, it is recommended to use the pieces when we have finished with the use of creams, perfumes or other treatments.

Another problem that could give rise to is the falling of stones, although this problem is quite unlikely due to the setting process that is carried out on them. If this occurs, the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty as long as it is due to a manufacturing fault and not due to misuse of the jewel. Therefore, it will not be covered in cases where the piece has been hit or shows signs of misuse.

Likewise, the customer is offered the possibility of fixing the parts obtained that do not meet the warranty conditions described above. To do this, you can contact Denis Marlon and request the arrangement. The cost of repair and / or shipping of the piece will always be borne by the customer.

Both to cover the guarantee and for the repair of parts, the costs derived from the transport of the part will be borne by the customer.

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Looking for the origin



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